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Who are Spread EX?

Spreadex are a broker who have a very clear Unique Selling Point – they are a shares specialist Spread Betting and also a CFD provider. It is not difficult to realise that they are the leaders in the industry when it comes to offering equities and in particular small cap shares. They retain the bigger number of AIM shares available even down to companies to £1 million in market cap. In addition to equities you can also trade indices, currencies and commodities on Spreadex and also spread betting on options which is not usual for an online broker. If we look at the currency spreads we can see that they are a big higher than some of their forex specialist competitors but this is not always the case and it seems to be limited on the majors pairs. All in all Spreadex have a very good charting platform and are FCA regulated. They have also won awards for their good customer service and are certainly a broker of choice on all counts. They are UK based and it is not surprising to see that they are trusted by a large number of UK customers. The Shares Spread Betting community have certainly picked them as a favourite broker: they also have some celebrity traders in their ranks like Robbie Burns aka The Naked Trader.

What are SpreadEX’s spreads & fees?

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If you are looking to mainly trade shares in your Spread Betting strategy than SpreadEX should be probably the right fit for you. They do have the largest selection of UK small cap shares on the market and than they have also a big range of international equities that can be traded. For example you can trade shares from other countries like USA, Germany, France and so on. They do also offer Futures contracts and also Rolling Daily on a big number of shares so you can get more ways to play a particular share.

As you would think the spreads for SpreadEX are top for shares and less competitive for currencies. One key advantage is also that all their spreads are fixed so you can more easily calculate your costs and risks. This is particularly useful when there is high volatility as you won’t need to worry about the spread costs increasing. If you are an high-frequency currency trader than their forex spread might not be the best solution however if you swing trader of it you only do trade on forex occasionally it won’t impact your bottom line. Another thing to consider when analysing SpreadEX is that they do also offer Spread Betting on Options. This adds a new possible way to create Options trading strategies without the need of having a huge capital that is normally required for Options trading. Another unique feature offered by SpreadEX is that you can also do Sports Spread Betting from the same account as your financial spread betting. You can also speculate on several special events like political elections, musical contexts and so on. So like most brokers, SpreadEx take a fee from the spread which is the difference between the buy and sell price of an asset. Below we have displayed a table where the colour bars show how competitive SpreadEx’s spreads are to other popular brokers featured on TopTradingPlatforms.co.uk.

How good are SpreadEx Trading Platforms?

The Spreadex platform is very clean and intuitive and there are a very good range of indicators and tools that will help you in your trading. Charts can be pop into new windows and you can move them around how you best like: this means they are fully customisable so that you can find the best fit.

The overall trading platform can be navigate easily and the design is really good. Every tool will be accessible from one screen and it does seem to have optimum speed and in our tests we haven’t found a lag that seems to be affecting a number of browser based brokers.

One thing to notice tough is that you won’t get MT4 with Spreadex. We know this could be a show stopper for some traders but if you are not too much worried about MetaTrader4 than you will need to consider that Spreadex recently improved proprietary platform is good. You can also trade on the go as their apps are very clear and powerful and work seamlessly on any devices.

Is SpreadEx fully regulated?

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Indeed. One of SpreadEx strong points is regulation and experience. They are fully FCA regulated and have been in the online trading industry since 2000. We can guarantee that Spreadex is one of the safest brokers available. They are very stable as well as a business as they have been profitable for years: this will give you the reassurance about them going financially broken. Even tough, client money are fully segregated from company money and are hold on tier-1 banks. They are based in North London (St Albans) and their full contact details and address is published on their website.

How good is SpreadEx customer service?

So as we have seen SpreadEx are without doubts the market leader when it comes to Shares Spread Betting. Another strong selling point for Spreadex is that they have a fantastic customer service record. You can look at Trustpilot and you can see that they have been scoring consistently highly for customer satisfaction. As a result of their good customer service they have also won numerous industry awards. We tried ourselves and called their customer service and immediately we were connected to their UK office where the agent gave us clear and qualified instructions. We didn’t had any unwanted sales pressure at all. One thing to note is that at Spreadex you won’t get a personal account manager automatically. Having said that if you give them a call you will always find someone qualified to help you out. The focus they put on customers is easy to see as if you go to their website you will find several numbers for customer service and the financial spread betting team. They focus on shares so you will also find tools like the economic calendar offer updates on the Equities markets (not just limited to Forex like the majority of brokers).


SpreadEx have been able to own a particular niche in this industry as they are the leader in the Spread Betting market. They are doing a fantastic job in the Spread Betting services so if you want to spread bet shares than this is the right broker for you. If you than also want to Spread Bet small cap shares from the UK AIM markets than they are even a better fit. Another strong point is that they do offer others products as well so if you want to trade Forex or other assets you won’t need to open up another account. In terms of improvements it would be nice if some of the spreads on the majors pairs were a little lower but again if you don’t trade consistently on those than the negative effect on your bottom line will be marginal.

They are fully a UK based company and have UK service stuck so you can consider this as an advantage as you won’t be stuck on the phone with agents that do not understand your needs if you will have a problem that needs resolving. In conclusion we can surely say that Spreadex are a very reputable and fully compliant Spread Betting brokers and that if you want to trade shares you should give them a very good try. Even if you are not looking to trade shares only they can still be a very good fit so our suggestion is to go ahead and open a free demo account.

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