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Do you want to know how to day trade?

Day trading

Bellow you will find 10-day trading strategies for beginners!

First of all – what is day trading?
There are market positions held for only a short time. The usual thing is that the trader opens and closes a position the same day but may also be for a certain period of time.
It can either be a purchase direct (long) or a loan (short – shares sold at a special price) placement. As a daily trader, you are looking to be able to explore the volatility during the trading day and reduce overnight risk caused by events (such as a poor income surprise) that might happen after the markets has closed down.

In the 1990s, the concept was a worse reputation by many beginners when the majority jumped on the new online trading platforms without applying tested stock trading strategies. Many believed that one could go to work in a more “lazy performance” and then be able to do equity in stock trading instead, but it does not bring too little knowledge or effort. To be successful requires patience and understanding as in all industries.

We have come very long in the development of today’s trading. It is much easier to learn a simple and adjustable strategy. These steps and tips is what want to go through with you bellow with my 10-day trading strategies “topics”. There are many who are curious about the market but do not really dare to take the steps therefore I would like to give you a good opportunity to open a step into the trading industry.

Top-Ten-Tips day trading

1. Identify the turning points
Firstly, the market is almost like anything else in life, supply is close to a fatigue but there are still buyers who trade, the price grows higher. The price goes down if there is an excess and no one is willing to buy. By studying historical examples, you can learn to identify these turning points.

2. Make a plan before
Determine in advance how much profit is acceptable as well as a final level of trade turned against you when purchasing a long position. Automatically, you will hold your decisions. It limits your potential loss and reduces your greed so you do not reach an unsustainable level.
There are exceptions: In strong markets it is allowed to set new profit targets as well as the final level when your original goal is achieved.

3. At least a risk-reward at 3:1 when you setting up your target.
It is extremely important to understand the correct risk-reward as a beginner. “lose small and win big” and come forward even if you have losses on many of your business is a reminder of the Online Trading Academy. With experience and understanding, your risk reward can be as high as 5: 1 or higher.

4. Be patient
Always plan your trades before you make it a real plan.
Successful daily traders usually do not work every day. It is important to make sure that if no option meets your criteria then you are not shopping. Be patient for the right moment.

5. Be Disciplined
Again, stick to your plan! Impulisiva köp kan bli din värsta fiende. Ledsen att nämna detta med om “tråkighet” håller dig i rätt position för länge kan rädsla leda till att du kastar ut för tidigt. Förvänta dig inte att bli rik på en enda handel.

6. Push the order and don’t be afraid
“Compassion through Analysis” – is something that beginners usually end up in. It’s about the above to follow the screen correctly, as you’ll most often look at the lights and level 2 columns on the screen. This means that you do not act quickly when the opportunity is presented. If you are disciplined and work with your plan, you can place the order automatically. If you are wrong, your ends will take you out without major damage.

7. Trade with money that you only have afford to lose
Most of the successful hands are usually a small part of venture capital and a large part of the money saved to the pension or another long-term goal. The big saved money tends to invest more conservatively and in long-term positions. Of course, it is not forbidden to use this money sometimes for a day-trade. However, the odds should be very high to your advantage of using this money.

8. Don’t risk to much on one trade
Enter a certain percentage of your total trading day for each day, usually between 2-10% depending on how much money you have. Never allow the size of your position to exceed this. Then it could lead you to miss an even better opportunity on the market.

9. Don’t limit day trading to stocks
Forex possibilities are three asset classes. These show volatility and liquidity just like shares. This means that they are ideal for day-to-day trading. Most often one of the features is presented as an attractive opportunity in a day when the stock market is standing still.

10. Don’t blame yourself to much
Be aware that every day a loss will appear do not kick on yourself. However, make sure that you really followed your established trade rules and did not get in/out at the wrong time.

Lets start trading!! We have listed all the best trading platforms here.

Day trading